About US

Enter the Haus of Kendy

My name is Kendra, I am a content creator, student, digital brand manager and campaign manager. I founded Kendy Kreates because I wanted to use my reach to make a difference.

Being a woman is amazing, but its no easy task. Living in SA as a female is a feat on its own. No one besides a woman will understand what it’s like to walk down the street and look over your shoulder or feel unsafe in a public place. I knew safety was my main priority when I no longer felt safe on campus, in an Uber or even in a mall.

It’s heart wrenching to see the numbers rise daily and hear all the horror stories. I wanted a way to help reduce the possibility of us becoming statistics. These key rings are my answer. The Self Defence Resin Key Rings are an ergonomical way to equip every woman to defend herself while still adding some sparkle to her life! It will always be on hand and it’s comfortable to hold in a defensive manner. It’s something every woman should have, but none should have to use.

Hopefully, one day we’ll no longer need it. Until then, I hope you all stay safe.